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Davis Square House Poised to Set Somerville Sales Record

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The more than 3,300-square-foot, nine-room Queen Anne at 63 College Avenue in changing-forever Davis Square dropped on the Somerville sales market barely a week ago and is poised to set an all-time residential record for the city. The single-family house—which has not one, but two master suites as well as four bedrooms total—is asking a cool $1,690,000. The current Somerville record stands at $1,725,000, which nearby 32 Foskett Street, a former two-family converted to single, set in April of this year. That deal closed after a bidding war drove the price to $225,000 over 32 Foskett's original asking. If anywhere near the same thing happens with 63 College ... well, you see where we're going with this. Record in the making, folks. Stay tuned.
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