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How a Newton Colonial Quadrupled in Price in Three Years

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The 13-room, 2,888-square-foot Colonial at 67-69 Evergreen Avenue in Newton's Auburndale section traded way back in June 2012 for a mere $485,000. Then it underwent a massive renovation, including new electrical wiring and a fresh roof. And voila! The single-family was reborn as a two-family, complete with two entrances and two kitchens as well as a shared yard and stone patio. Of course, it could just as well barrel onward as a single-family (with the other part rented out?). Either way, the Colonial's price has gone up. Brand-new to the market, 67-69 Evergreen now wants $1,349,900—or nearly four times what it got three years ago. Fair? Not so much? Pitch perfect? Let us know.
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