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It's Anyone's Guess When the Green Line Will Be Finished

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The extension of the Green Line through Somerville into Medford, the most consequential infrastructure project in the Boston region, effectively has no completion date now.

Recall that back in August the news-bomb dropped that the cost of the extension was running seriously over-budget and that certain aspects of the project, including the size and swankiness of stations along it, would likely have to be scaled back. Now state transit officials are saying that no real movement on the project is expected until the spring. And! That until the cost overruns can at least be addressed—not solved, but addressed—it's futile to discuss a completion date for the whole shebang.

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Before the red ink emerged, all of the stations were supposed to open by 2020, with the first coming online as soon as 2017. Now... A Dec. 9 meeting of the MBTA's fiscal-control board should clarify scheduling a bit. Or not. Sit tight and, whatever you do, don't buy any condos based on the Green Line extension.
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