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InterContinental 3-BR Rent Now $1K Cheaper For Some Reason

There have been a rather sizable number of rather sizable price-chops around Boston lately. This is not one of them. First of all, the 3,385-square-foot Unit 14K at the InterContinental on the waterfront is up for rent, not for sale. Second, the cut is not all that much: $1,000. And yet... We cannot help but scratch our heads. When you see the asking rent, you'll understand. The 3-BR, 4.5-BA spread with gaga views wants $17,000 now. See: With a tag like that, what difference does $1K a month less make? Was a prospective tenant, the sort looking at the InterContinental in the first place, really going to opt out because it was $18,000 before? Will a rent of $17K open the proverbial floodgate of offers? So many questions.
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