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Your Chance to Live on One of America's Most Beautiful Streets

Beacon Hill's Acorn Street invariably makes those lists of most beautiful or quaintest streets in America. And when fall rolls round, look out! Photos of Acorn Street flood social media. There's something about the narrowness, the cobblestones, the antiquated brick townhouses in that renowned Federal style. Well, rarely does one of those townhouses drop on the market. Therefore, the recent listing of 7 Acorn gives us pause—for a couple of reasons. One, it's Acorn Street (see above). Two, the 3-BR, 2.5-BA townhouse appears to be going for a relative song.

The 1,900-square-foot 7 Acorn wants $2,895,000, which translates into $1,523 and change per square foot. A steal for Beacon Hill in general, no, much less for one of its most bucolic drags? The new listing does not include interior shots, which leads us to believe that perhaps the property needs work. Still, dig those cobblestones, eh?
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