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Serenity Now! Long-Planned JP Complex Under Construction

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Construction has apparently started on the Serenity at 105A South Huntington Avenue in Jamaica Plain. It's a long time coming: The city O.K.'d it in June 2013.

The Serenity will rise out of a one-acre lot all the way to 13 stories at some points; and will house 195 apartments. Thirty-two of those units will be designated as affordable The developer is providing 42 affordable units elsewhere in JP as well as in Mission Hill as part of the deal to build complex, which will only reach five stories on the Jamaicaway side toward Olmsted Park. It's expected to be finished by June 2017. No word on the rents yet, so keep in touch. (H/t BLDUP.)
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105A South Huntington Avenue

105A South Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA