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The Mystery of Dorchester's First Million-Dollar Home Sale

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News broke last week that the 2,244-square-foot, 3-BR, 3-BA at 92 Grampian Way in busy, busy Dorchester's Savin Hill was in contract for $1,010,000 after not even three weeks on the market. Why was this significant? Because, if the Garrison-slash-Gambrel does sell for that sum, it will represent the first million-dollar single-family or condo sale in Boston's biggest neighborhood by area. Or at least that's how the thinking went.

It turns out there may have already been a million-dollar home sale in Dorchester. Almost exactly 13 years ago (the deal closed on Halloween), the house at 60 Ocean Street sold for $1,149,000. Now! That property included an attached carriage house, which means it could be considered a multi-family site and not a single-family home. In that case, it wasn't the first million-dollar single-family sale in Dot and 92 Grampian does represent a milestone. Follow?

But then there's the case of 24 Grampian Way, an antiquated Savin Hill single-family with a stable on the property that traded for $1,500,000 in May 2014 (the site has since been redeveloped into townhouses). Was this a single-family sale if the stable came included? Same deal as with 60 Ocean: If it's a multi-family, then 92 Grampian carries the day.

Finally, just to complicate things further, we're trying to get to the bottom of a rumor that 92 Grampian has an attached townhouse itself. That would, in our estimation, make the property a multi-family and therefore negate its claim to Dorchester's home-sale record. Stay tuned and h/t to Welcome to Dot for alerting us to this mystery.
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