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Uber Surge Pricing in Boston; College Students Invade Eastie

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HUB-WIDE—Researchers at Northeastern are trying to crack the code on Uber's surge pricing in the region and they think they have some of it figured out: "In Boston, those zones are broken up such that a rush of demand near Boston University could boost prices as far away as the North End, while Charlestown riders wouldn't be affected by whatever multiplier is facing folks a short distance away in Somerville." [BetaBoston]
EAST BOSTON—The parents of college students are proving a boon—and a bane—for Eastie real estate: "The number of students living in East Boston grew by 115 percent between 2006 and 2013, the latest year that complete city data are available. That makes it one of the fast-growing neighborhoods for students, along with Roxbury, Mission Hill, and the Downtown Crossing/Chinatown area." [Globe]