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South Boston's Collins Mansion Condos: the Prices Revealed

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In December 2012, a developer bought the 1867 estate at 928-930 East Broadway in South Boston's City Point section for $2,200,000. The estate, known as the James Collins Mansion, included a three-family house as well as a main house with around 22 rooms. Shortly after the sale, the developer announced plans to demolish the whole shebang and build 11 condos in its stead. That caused an uproar among some locals and a push for landmark protection. That push came to naught and here we are: Meet the Collins Mansion Condominiums.

The final plan involved nine condos, the prices for three of which are now available:
· Unit 8 is a 3-BR, 2-BA over 1,627 square feet and asking $1,050,000. It comes with garage parking and direct elevator access from that into the condo.
· Same parking deal for Unit 7, a 3-BR, 2-BA running to 1,666 square feet and asking $1,050,000 as well.
· And there's Unit 5, which is a 3-BR, 2-BA over 1,843 square feet. It, too, has garage parking with elevator access. It wants $1,250,000. It just may get it, too: There's a deal pending for Unit 5 (as for Unit 7 as well).
The Collins Mansion Condominiums are supposed to be ready for occupancy this time next year. Stay tuned. Everywhere in Boston just about pricing is getting a little out of hand, no?
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