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Huge Seaport Square Sale; More Boston Student Housing

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SEAPORT DISTRICT—The sites are pre-approved for a 1.1 million-square-foot complex of residences and retail (rendered): "A partnership involving Asian financiers and a California-based development firm have paid $119.6 million for parcels M1 and M2 in Boston's Seaport ... The sale brings the total purchase price for Seaport Square's master-planned but undeveloped 23 acres to $665.199 million since 2011." [Biz Journal]
BOSTON—Some of this new construction is coming from student housing, which should therefore (so the theory goes) free up housing for the rest of us. Kids. "Boston added just shy of 3,300 new homes and apartments in the first nine months of the year, with nearly 10,000 more that have been approved but not yet built." [Globe]

Seaport Square

Sleeper Street, Boston, MA