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Somerville House w/ Condo Potential Draws Massive Over-Ask

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The 11-room, 2,452-square-foot house at 44 Meacham Road in the Somerville-Cambridge borderlands around Davis Square hit the sales market in early June for $849,000. Fair enough. The place needed work, particularly the garage, which the Century 21 listing described as being "in tough shape." But it was clear the relatively modest tag did not reflect the desirability of the area, especially given that 44 Meacham's zoning allows for its conversion into condos. In other words, this puppy was ripe to join that perennial Greater Boston trend of the big-time over-ask. The 6-BR, 1.5-BA house went in the end for $1,150,000. That's a full $301,000 over the asking price. Stay tuned.
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