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Big Sale in Tiny Bay Village: 39 Fayette Trades in Six Weeks

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The 2,428-square-foot Victorian townhouse at 39 Fayette Street in tiny Bay Village last traded 10 years ago for the rather precise sum of $1,392,500. It went up for sale again in late August for $2,450,000—or a little more than $1K a square foot. We wondered aloud then if that was a little too ambitious, even in Boston's frothy healthily robust housing market. The 4-BR, 2.5-BA with back patio and on-street parking closed over the weekend for $2,300,000. That represents a relatively modest price-chop, no surprise nowadays. Still, we think we can safely surmise that 39 Fayette will represent the biggest Bay Village trade of 2015. Who's with us?
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