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This Redone Garrison Wants Nearly $1M in Dorchester

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The 2,244-square-foot, 3-BR, 3-BA Garrison at 92 Grampian Way in busy, busy Dorchester's Savin Hill has been thoroughly renovated since its last trade for next to nothing in 2014. What has the redo wrought? An airy, thoroughly modern spread with classic touches that accentuate the house's century-old-plus roots. Note the oak staircase from back in the day, for one thing, and then note the updated chef's kitchen. Plus, it all fronts on Savin Hill Park (nice). Ninety-two Grampian is new to the market of the Hub's No. 1 neighborhood as of Monday. How much does it want? The whole shebang is asking $999,000, making it one of the few single-family homes in Dorchester to tickle the $1M mark. We'll see what happens.
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