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Solar-Powered Monorail Pitched For Rose Kennedy Greenway

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Boston City Councilman Steve Murphy announced Wednesday that an unnamed private company was amenable to building a solar-powered "personal rapid transit" system (a.k.a. monorail) through the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

The monorail would connect North Station and South Station, thereby finally joining via a direct train (of sorts) the region's two major commuter-rail hubs, fulfilling a dream transit advocates have had since at least the Big Dig. Murphy also said the new line would ease traffic on the T. As it stands, the state is looking at rapid-transit systems for the region, too, so Murphy said he would hold off on trying to move through the private company's proposal for the Greenway. Meanwhile, here's a link to a YouTube of that monorail song on The Simpsons. That's the stuff.
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