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Might This Mill Street Manor Set a Dorchester Sales Record?

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We were so taken with Wednesday's news that 92 Grampian Way was asking an unusual-for-Dorchester $999,000 that we nearly completely overlooked what is technically the most expensive single-family home up for sale in the Hub's No. 1 neighborhood: the restored Victorian-era manor at 21 Mill Street in Dot's Clam Point area. The restored 18-room Greek Revival unfolds over some 6,400 square feet, including an attached townhouse that can be rented out separately, and has been up for sale since late June. Would you like to see more of it? Twenty-one Mill is asking $1,295,000. Should the house get that, or anywhere near it, the price will likely set an all-time single-family record for Dorchester. Stay tuned.
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