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Where Boston's 1-BR Apartments Rent For More Than $2K

The above map from real estate search engine Trulia tracks which Boston neighborhoods have the highest percentage of 1-BR apartments renting for more than $2,000 a month.

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To absolutely no one's surprise (we hope), the largest percentage of 1-BRs exceeding $2K can be found in downtown neighborhoods such as the West End (96.6 percent), Chinatown-Leather District (93.9 percent) and Back Bay (85.3 percent). Those are the areas in shades of red. In fact, things don't start to tip toward 50 percent under $2K until you get to the city's western, southern and eastern edges. Not surprisingly, Trulia recommends that "budget-conscious renters should avoid the heart of the city." The median 1-BR rent for all of Boston now is $2,300. In those heart-of-the-city neighborhoods, it's well in excess of $2,400.
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