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Here's a Closer Look at the Future Sea Steps of Pier 4

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The above rendering of the future Pier 4 condo comes via the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. Recall that the most interesting aspect of the design is the so-called sea steps in front of the complex, which will descend to the Harbor Walk and lead ultimately to a one-acre waterfront park with a stage (where the old Anthony's Pier 4 restaurant was). You can see how those steps will play out toward the bottom left of the rendering.

The complex is also is due to be nine stories and 118 feet high, with 100 units total; there will be 16,800 square feet of ground-floor retail and a two-level underground parking garage; and, finally, a half-acre plaza with some sort of water sculpture. It's supposed to open in 2018, with a 13-story commercial component of Pier 4's redevelopment preceding it by about a year.
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Pier 4

140 Northern Avenue, Boston, MA