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Say It Ain't So: Is Bee's Knees Already Up for Sale in Fort Point?

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You know your favorite cafe in Fort Point to get a salad, chocolate, cheese, frozen food and wine with a splash of hipster-inspired interior design? Yes, Bee's Knees. That's the one. Apparently, the deli and market may be for sale.

Hidden Boston spotted a Craigslist post that is selling a "High-End Market & Cafe." The photos were none other than that of Bee's Knees Supply Company on Farnsworth Street in Southie's Innovation's District'sFort Point area.

Apparently, this direction is the result of a "partnership dispute." Maybe that explains why it would spontaneously change its store layout every few months.

After opening in March 2013, they have expanded to Allston. Since the Commonwealth Ave in Allston location just opened; perhaps there will just be the one location after all. With the mega fancy condo on 10 Farnsworth coming in on the block just a couple doors down, there will be one less place to eat.

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