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Naval Air Station Zoning; Boston Tax Rates May Change

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SOUTHFIELD—Lots of things happen on Monday. Like a unanimous vote to approve proposed changes to the zoning and land uses for the former Southfield Naval Air Station, clearing the way for an expansive mixed-use development to move forward. Looks like it could be 1,000 units of age-restricted housing and 2.1 million s.f. of commercial space. [BBJ]
BOSTON—Boston's assessing department has proposed a residential tax rate of $11 per $1,000 valuation in FY 2016 and a commercial rate of $26.75 per $1,000 valuation; a drop from the current rates of $12.11 per $1,000 and $29.52 per $1,000 respectively. Of course, all of this must be approved by the state Department of Revenue before real estate life gets cheaper. [Wicked Local Boston Homes]