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Harbor Garage Towers Push-Back; 1,500 Spaces For Southie

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WATERFRONT—The developer called the study "ambush diplomacy": "The New England Aquarium has stepped up its opposition to developer Don Chiofaro's plan to put a massive development at the neighboring Boston Harbor Garage site, issuing a study Wednesday that said the project would choke traffic along Atlantic Avenue and gobble up parking spaces that are essential to the aquarium and other waterfront businesses." [Globe]
SOUTH BOSTON—Those various big-time development plans near the convention center include a lot of parking spaces, apparently: "Massport is also designing an above-ground parking garage on a parcel adjacent to the World Trade Center Commuter Rail and Silver Line MBTA station that will include up to 1,500 parking spaces and is scheduled to be completed in 2019." [Biz Journal]