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Boston Late-Night T Service: End of the Line Now?

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It appears that the pilot program to extend T service on weekends has yielded such unremarkable ridership results in the long-term that the MBTA is thinking of pulling the plug. Soon after the program commenced in March 2014, as many as 18,000 riders weekly were hopping subways and buses during the extra two hours on Friday and Saturday nights.

Now 13,000 riders take the late-night T, which today is extended only 90 minutes. Plus, those additional minutes, however scaled back, continue to interfere with necessary maintenance work, MBTA officials say. So, with the agency facing its usual budget constraints and in need of said maintenance with winter coming... you get the picture: the provably less popular late-night T has to go. Though! No decisions have been made yet and the MBTA may outsource some of the services to third parties such as bus-sharing app Bridj. Stay tuned.
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