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Red, Orange Lines to Have Plows; 5 Washington Street Shrinks

BRIGHTON/BROOKLINE—The project at 5 Washington Street would also include bike storage as well as three more parking spaces: "The Cambridge developer that wants to tear down the gas station and offices on the town line on Washington Street has submitted revised plans to the BRA that shrink the building from six to four floors—by reducing the number of units from 145 to 118—and now plans to give tenants T passes for three months and a year's Zipcar membership to try to reduce the impact on local roads." [Hub]
HUB-WIDE—The Red and Orange lines will have 40 trains each this winter with snow plows attached to the front: "Believe it or not, in past winters, Red and Orange line trains could either clear snow or carry passengers. They could not perform both tasks at once." []