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Boston, Circa 2015: Tiny South End Closet Sells for Five Figures

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The 21-square-foot, street-level storage room-slash-closet at 310 Columbus Avenue in the go-go South End has crossed our transom before. It was back in the fall of 2014, a year ago, in fact, when the same space was asking $15,000 and touting its new plywood floor as well as paint job. It has taken a while, but the utilitarian alcove has nabbed itself a buyer.

The price for the space came down to $13,000 when it was relisted in September of this year. It quickly traded thereafter, closing for $11,250 on Oct. 29. Yes, a steep price-reduction percentage-wise. But be honest: You're not surprised at all that a closet in Boston sold for five figures, are you? Not in this real estate market. Happy Monday.
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