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Beacon Street 1-BR Closes After 36 Hours on the Market

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The recently sold 1-BR, 2-BA loft (the loft is the one bedroom) at 124 Beacon Street in Back Bay had been on and off the market since June, when it was originally listed for $900,000. Unit 3F last reappeared this past Monday for a cool $850,000. As of Thursday, a deal for the 911-square-foot spread had closed. Yup: 36 hours from listing to close. We're guessing there was more to it, with the buyer likely lined up in advance based on the earlier listings. Still, that is one fast trade in a city noted for them. Unit 3F sold in the end for $819,000, a significant discount from its original and latest listing prices. If you're a prospective home buyer in Boston, we guess take solace in that.
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