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Autumn in Greater Boston: 11 Images to Prove Its Glory

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'Tis no secret that the Boston area is one of the better places in the U.S. of A. to take in the variegated kaleidoscope that is autumn. So much foliage and so many places to see it, from fail-safes such as the Charles River Esplanade and the Public Garden to surprises right around the corner or outside your front door. In the interest of celebrating these advantageous vantages, we've culled from Instagram 11 images that truly bespeak autumn's beauty here.

A photo posted by Amy Rivard (@amyrivard) on

Ivy creeping up a Commonwealth Avenue building via @AmyRivard.

A photo posted by Greg DuBois (@greg_dubois) on

Foliage in West Roxbury via @greg_dubois.

A photo posted by @benoitricot on

Jackson Square turns red via @benoitricot.

Outside of South Station via @glocal786.

A photo posted by Julian Wass (@julianwass) on

The view inside Harvard Yard via @julianwass.

The Public Garden via @vini0401.

A photo posted by Leyla Rizkallah (@chacaleta) on

Along the Charles River Esplanade via @chacaleta.

Along the Green Line via @vini0401.

A photo posted by Wasyl Durand (@wasylk_pg) on

The foliage in Forest Hills via @wasylk_pg.

A photo posted by fotofranko (@fotofranko) on

At Boston College via @fotofranko.

A photo posted by Argopoint (@argopoint) on

Can't get enough of the Public Garden this time of year via @argopoint. If there are any particularly gobsmacking Instagrams we should be following this season, do ping us on the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline. And if you're jonesing for shots of Boston at street level, as we all live and breath the region everyday, check out these Instagrams immediately.
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Jackson Square

Jackson Square, Boston, MA