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Brighton Apartment Development; 900-Spot Waterfront Garage

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WATERFRONT—The four-story building would replace two parking lots along the Reserved Channel: "A parking garage with up to 900 spaces is in the works for the Boston Marine Industrial Park to free up surface lots for new construction, support existing and planned developments there, and help alleviate traffic caused by cruise passengers." [Herald]
BRIGHTON—It would be across from the old Charles River Speedway: "The [developer] wants to build 132 apartments and three retail storefronts at 516-522 and 530 Western Avenue and 8 and 10 Waverly Street, according to a letter of intent filed with the Boston Redevelopment Authority. The project would include a six-story building at Western Avenue and Leo M. Birmingham Parkway that would be connected on either side to a five-story building." [Herald]