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Boston Holiday Gifts: 10 Perfect Options For Hub Fans

From t-shirts (see above, eh?) to fresh lobsters to children's books to ties to tokens, there are a plethora of gift options out there for the true fan of everything Boston-like in your life. We've listed details on 10 really, really solid ideas to ease your holiday shopping along. Find something for everyone here, from your close relatives and friends to people at the office to that guy or gal down the hall you once made small talk with at the elevator and who now things you're great mates. For more ideas, check out our fraternal sites Eater Boston, Racked, the Verge and Polygon. And one more thing before you get clicking: None of the options we've listed will run you more than $100.

Free Brady T-Shirt
Price varies
We begin with the T-shirt that sought to resolve the most pressing issue of our age. There are plenty left from various outlets, and none appear to be more than $30.

Massachusetts Cutting Board
For the cook in your life, an expertly carved cutting board of the commonwealth.

Five-Leaf Foliage Bundle
People laughed when these bundles of New England leaves for sale debuted, but the three-leaf bundle has already sold out. The five-leaf collection can still be yours, however. For that friend in the desert Southwest, perhaps?

MBTA T Map Puzzle
Piece together your commute faster than you can travel it.

Vintage MBTA Token Pendant
Nothing says "I love you to a certain extent" like an old T token reborn as a necklace.

Lobster Gram
Lobsta! From the waters off New England to your (or your loved one's) front door. Seriously, it works.

Journey Around Boston From A to Z
We can personally recommend this children's book as the perfect introduction to Boston for the wee ones.

Burgundy Boston Map Tie
You have to have a tie on a list like this, right? An aerial map of Boston dominates this one from the Museum of Fine Art.

Yankees Suck T-Shirt
Wear your disdain for NYC and its favored sports franchise on your sleeve. Bonus points for finding one in Red Sox colors and fonts.

Hubway Membership
Memberships for everyone's favorite bike-share program are available in 24-hour, 72-hour, monthly and annual increments. Go.