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One Dalton Developer Expects Most Buyers Will Be Local

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Tucked into Curbed National editor-at-large Alexei Barrionuevo's fabulous piece on Boston starchitecture (or the lack thereof) is a rather startling nugget about everyone's favorite ultra-luxury development planned for the western reaches of Back Bay: the 699-foot, 61-story Four Seasons Hotel & Private Residences One Dalton Street.

Lead developer Richard Friedman tells Barrionuevo that he expects that at least 75 percent of the buyers of the complex's 180 luxury condos will be Bostonians. That will allow One Dalton to avoid becoming "the kind of 'ghost' building of usually empty units more common in New York, London, and Miami Beach." Friedman also said that some foreigners have approached him about buying blocks of five to 10 units, but he has refused. Buyers wanted for this spire, apparently, no investors only. Stay tuned.
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