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Symphony Road Brownstone's Final Movement: Steep Discount

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The 3,060-square-foot, 10-room brownstone at 8 Symphony Road in the Back Bay-Fenway borderlands hit the sales market in late May for $2,495,000. The 4-BR, 3-BA spread featured a two-level living room and came with deeded parking to boot as well as central air. Yet, despite these enticements and despite the general Thunderdome nature of Boston's higher-end housing scene throughout much of this year, 8 Symphony chopped its price rather significantly in mid-June to $2,395,000. It came down again by a lot when a sale for the house closed just recently. The brownstone in the end went for $2,225,000. That's a $270K drop from the original asking, for those playing along at home (and you know who you are).
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