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Kendall Square's 88 Ames Street Tower Under Construction

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Developer Boston Properties announced that the apartment tower slated for 88 Ames Street in the busy, busy Kendall Square area of Cambridge just moved from the firm's pre-development pipeline into its actual development portfolio. That means that for all intents and purposes the tower is pretty much under construction after months of planning. And, by Cambridge standards at least, this one's a monster size-wise.

The tower will have 274 apartments and will stretch to 22 stories. It will include 16,000 square feet of ground-floor retail amid its 164,000 square feet overall. Boston Properties hopes to open 88 Ames in 2018.

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And! The Boston Business Journal's Catherine Carlock reports that the real estate investment trust is currently working with the City of Cambridge "to change the zoning on several city-owned parcels in Kendall Square to enable construction of another 600,000 square feet of office space and another 400,000 square feet of multifamily units." Cambridge definitely needs the housing. We'll see what happens.
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