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Next Somerville Price Record? Giant 137 Sycamore Drops

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In late April, the 3,320-square-foot house at 32 Foskett Street near Davis Square set an all-time sales-price record for Somerville with a closing tag of $1,725,000. It appeared unlikely that any property, single-family or condo, would unseat the former two-family anytime soon. And yet here comes 137 Sycamore Street, a 5,525-square-foot behemoth that dropped on the market just before the week of Thanksgiving and is asking a price so titanic it's virtually guaranteed to trump 32 Foskett. The 5-BR, 3.5-BA 137 Sycamore, which includes a three-car garage, a large private deck and cathedral ceilings in the master suite, wants a cool $2,395,000. If it commands anywhere near that... well... you get the picture: It will beat 32 Foskett and all comers, and take the crown as the reigning price kingpin of oh-so-change-y Somerville. Stay tuned.
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