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Brighton's Brand-New Lancaster: In the End, Not That Pricey

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Listings at the brand-new Lancaster condo complex at 1501 Commonwealth Avenue in game-change-y Brighton started dropping in earnest a few weeks ago (pre-sales went back to the spring, but these were the real numbers everyone was awaiting). We noted then that far from being the more affordable Boston condo option that many expected it looked as if the 55-unit Lancaster would be just the latest in a long line of pricier offerings. Whereas all asking prices were anticipated as topping off at $580,000, with some units retailing for under $500K, the new listings told an entirely different tale. We're talking $800,000, $625,000, $700 a square foot, etc. Would the Lancaster even be able to command these prices? Thanks to recent closings, we now have empirical evidence that yes, indeed, the Lancaster would be able to command such prices. Not all final tags have proven as astronomical (for the area) as we originally thought, however. A sampling to see what we mean:
· Unit 412, a 1-BR, 1.5-BA spread over 916 square feet, was asking $615,000 originally and ended up getting $653,650.
· Penthouse 2 wanted $806,750; and that's exactly what the 2-BR, 2-BA, 1,264-square-footer got.
· Unit 408, a 2-BR, 1-BA spread over 936 square feet, wanted $625,000. It sold for $630K.
· Penthouse 6, a 1-BR, 1-BA with 751 square feet, asked $535,000 and got that. Not bad t'all—a new-construction penthouse for under $550K.
· And, finally, Unit 304, a 1-BR, 1-BA also with 751 square feet, closed for its asking of $490,000.
What do you think? Balanced? Tilted? The always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline is open. More closings as they roll in.
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