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South End's Boomlet Echoes On: Two More Apartment Buildings

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There are few areas in the entire Boston region changing faster and more completely than the northeastern corner of the South End. New developments such as the Troy Boston, the Ink Block (and its Sepia) and 600 Harrison Avenue are sprouting like amenity-laden weeds, adding hundreds of apartments, condos and residents (as well as the odd maisonette) to a swath once best-known as the spot where I-93 and the Turnpike converge. Add yet another development to the boomlet.
Leggat McCall, the same developer behind the seemingly ceaseless effort to redevelop East Cambridge's Sullivan Courthouse, filed plans with the city on Thursday to build about 700 apartments in two buildings on a block bounded by Harrison Avenue, Albany Street, East Dedham Street and East Canton Street. The buildings are slated to be 11 and 19 stories; and the apartments would mostly be studios and 1-BRs, according to the Globe's Tim Logan. One-fifth would be set aside as affordable and the rest left to the market's whims.

Construction, including the demolition of some buildings along the block and the redevelopment of the existing 575 Albany (pictured), could start in the next 15 months. Stay tuned.
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Edward J. Sullivan Courthouse

Thorndike Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141