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Green Line Extension Still Off the Rails, Parts of It in Doubt

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The MBTA still doesn't know how much the 4.7-mile extension of the Green Line through Somerville into Medford will cost, months after the news-bomb that the project was running up to $1 billion over-budget. That is the conclusion of consultants the state hired to assess the long-sought, achingly anticipated project. Worse still, the consultants said the MBTA doesn't seem to have a handle on the overall timeline or sequence of the extension yet, even as it spends millions monthly to move it forward.

Right now, the agency is moving forward with the first four of seven phases for building out the line, according to the Globe's Nicole Dungca. The fifth one is in doubt, though, with work on it now halted. That phase includes the relocation of Lechmere Station as well as new stations at Washington Street and (gasp!) Union Square, and the construction of tracks around both.

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Contracting snafus and a lack of resources dedicated to the Green Line extension appear to be the main culprits in the epic holdup. More details could be forthcoming after a Dec. 9 state transportation board meeting.
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