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Latest Renderings of Controversial 171 Tremont Street Tower

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The city is still reviewing a proposal for a 20-story, 19-unit luxury condo building at 171 Tremont Street in downtown Boston. Why? In large part because of changes to the project across from the Common, changes that community opposition spawned. That opposition, including from residents of the neighboring Ritz-Carlton and the Parkside, centers on the supposed shadows that 171 Tremont would cast, including on America's oldest public park. The developers behind the project cut the original proposed height from 355 feet to 255, and drastically reduced the number of condos from 31 to the current 19. Like we said, still under review. Meanwhile, these renderings, some of them quite new, come via BuzzBuzzHome and appear to show a rather sleek, slim, unobtrusive spire. What'd you think?
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