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The Red Line Will Delay Us All; New Chinatown Park Art

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HUB-WIDE—And it will get so much worse once the snow starts a-fallin': "The T, which has sought to assure the public the agency is prepared for winter, sets an on-time performance goal for its subways and buses at just 75 percent. But Red Line trains failed to meet even that low bar, falling below 75 percent punctuality on 23 out of 54 days during rush hour between Sept. 21 and Dec. 4..." [Herald]
CHINATOWN—The sculptural and mixed-media installations will be at the Essex Street Gate: "The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy is seeking proposals from artists to create engaging public art around the 2016 Chinese Zodiac, Year of the Monkey, as part of an ongoing series in Chinatown Park in downtown Boston." [Greenway]