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Dot Developments Aim For Less Astronomically Pricey Condos

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A pair of multi-part developments wants to plunk non-astronomically expensive condos and apartments in 2014's Curbed Cup winner. Specifically, a development called the Indigo Block (see rendering above) in Dorchester's Uphams Corner includes eight market-rate condos on a vacant site at 65 East Cottage Street. The purplish project would also have 80 apartments targeted toward tenants of varying income levels. Then, over in Codman Square, where New England, Colonial, Mallard and Southern avenues converge, 10 two- and three-floor buildings would go up with 17 condos aimed specifically at moderate-income buyers.
According to the Herald's Donna Goodison, eight of the Codman Square condos would be priced at $275,000 and reserved for buyers earning up to 80 percent of the area's median income; and a further seven would retail for $330,000 and be restricted to those earning up to 100 percent of the median income. A two-family home costing $475,000, and set up so as half of it could be rented, would fill out the remaining condos. We would even think that the market-rate units proposed for Uphams Corner would clock in at lower-than-usual amounts by Boston standards. Maybe like with fresh condos in Brighton? Stay tuned.
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MBTA Uphams Corner

Uphams Corner, Boston, MA