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Curbed Boston Awards '15: the Least Surprising Turn of Events

It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the good, the bad and the ugly in the Greater Boston real estate universe. Yep, it's the fifth annual Curbed Boston Awards, y'all!

This year was supposed to be the year that the Green Line extension through Somerville into Medford moved from the expectantly theoretical to the joyfully real, an economic-development and real-estate engine the likes of which the region had not seen since the completion of the Big Dig. And, yet, to absolutely no one's surprise, like with the Big Dig's finish, it appears the Green Line extension will tarry.

The reason? It became clear during the latter days of summer that that project was running seriously over-budget, so much so that there was open talk of scotching certain stations and lengthening the schedule for completion. This news, of course, rippled through all sorts of still waters, sparking worries among developers, local officials and, perhaps most poignantly, recent condo buyers who purchased with a nearby Green Line station in mind. As it stands, the extension is still technically alive, though it could pop off at any minute. Too good to be true, this one.
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