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Curbed Cup 1st Round Results: See Ya, Kendall

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And then there were eight. A record number of votes has halved the original Sweet 16 of the fifth-annual Curbed Cup to decide the region's best neighborhood. There were a couple of notable upsets: No. 12 West Medford edged out No. 5 South Watertown, and No. 13 the Seaport District trounced No. 4 Kendall Square (take that, techies!). Otherwise, the first round unfolded pretty much as you would have expected. The top three seeds, for instance, advanced with ease and aplomb. Is there a giant-slayer lurking in the second round, which starts next week? Might it be freshly minted Cinderellas West Medford or the Seaport? Stay tuned, dear reader, and thanks for voting.
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