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Curbed Boston Awards '15: Best Blessing in Disguise

It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the good, the bad and the ugly in the Greater Boston real estate universe. Yep, it's the fifth annual Curbed Boston Awards, y'all!

The region's dreams of Olympic glory croaked in late July. The bitter loss (for some) was a victory for not only opponents of the 2024 Summer Games here but for the entire region.

That's because the flurry of planning for the would-be event got officials, activists and ordinary residents thinking big about the future of Greater Boston development- and infrastructure-wise. People on all sides sparred about the ultimate fates of areas such as Widett Circle (a.k.a. Midtown), never mind the long-term health of the T and area highways. And! The push for the Games, and the push-back, sparked that ultimate existential question for the region: Why were we building a velodrome in Somerville when housing inventory is so low and costs so high? In other words, in the heat of the battle for the Olympics, the region forged priorities. Here's hoping this blessing in disguise does not go to waste.
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