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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (12) West Medford vs. (13) the Seaport

We're down to the Elite Eight in the fifth annual Curbed Cup. Vote, and help us pick the Hub's best neighborhood! Polls close in 24 hours. Time for the tournament's two giant-slayers to face off: West Medford vs. the Seaport District. Bring it.

West Medford in (where else?) Medford has been undergoing profound changes the last few years, as newer residents in desperate search of cheaper housing move in and older residents feel increasingly priced out. Such changeover for the traditionally African-American community is sure to intensify once the Green Line finally (maybe) pushes into Medford and connects with a commuter-rail route already servicing West Medford. Heck, there were once plans to run the Green Line all the way into the neighborhood, but, like so many T extensions, it fell by the wayside.


Boston's Seaport District, home of the bulk of the city's Innovation District, also saw some major development this year as well as some major debuts. For one thing, Twenty Two Liberty, the first new residential development in the neighborhood to go on sale, dropped—and dropped big, with multiple multi-million-dollar trades. Construction also started in the neighborhood on Boston's first-ever Yotel and on what could possibly be the most cleverly designed new office tower in the city (see above). Finally, sea steps! Yes, 2015 was the year that the Seaport took great strides toward becoming something beyond simply becoming something, if you catch our drift.

Poll results

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