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Inexpensive Dorchester Victorian an Urban Dream Come True

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'Tis the dream of certain segments of the Millennials and Generation X alike: the affordable fixer-upper in the city. Such an opportunity presents itself with the recent listing of 59 Waldeck Street in mighty, mighty Dorchester. The 2,617-square-foot Victorian Shingle is in need of some serious TLC, a fact that the listing makes few bones about: "From the front entrance you realize that most of the grandeur is intact and can be brought back to life." There is potential in details such as the grand foyer with a fireplace (and original tiling from the 1890s) and the open main staircase with spiral balusters and a stained-glass window on the landing. The 4-BR, 1.5-BA wants only $300,000. Then the costs really start.
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