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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (1) Savin Hill vs. (8) Fenway

We're down to the Elite Eight in the fifth annual Curbed Cup. Vote, and help us pick the Hub's best neighborhood! Polls close in 24 hours. Now up: top seed Savin Hill vs. No. 8 Fenway.

Savin Hill's southwest is due to host one of the most consequential developments in modern Boston: the nearly four-acre Dot Block. The proposed project would have more than 400 apartments in several buildings, along with tens of thousands of square feet of retail. The Dot Block's scope has shrunk in the planning stages, but it's still one to watch as we move into 2016. Also! A Savin Hill house this fall very likely hosted the first million-dollar residential trade ever in all of Dorchester. Somewhere, gentrification rattles its chains.


There is so much going on in Fenway, it's absurd. When the Red Sox played the first home game of their latest season this past April at the identically named ballpark, there were at least six projects planned or underway in the surrounding neighborhood. Some, such as the Van Ness with its $3K-plus-a-month studios, opened later in the year, while even fresher developments, including the 30-story Pierce Boston, with its 109 condos and 240 apartments, quickly moved in to take their places on Fenway's roster. We're talking thousands of new apartments and condos, and many times more residents.

Poll results

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