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Another Glassy Boston Tower: 250-Footer For the Seaport

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We told you glassy spires were the inescapable architectural trend of 2015. Another case in point: the recently filed plans for a 250-foot, 22-story tower off Seaport Boulevard, where the Whiskey Priest and Atlantic Beer Garden bars now are.

Designed by architects-about-town Elkus Manfredi and developed by the pubs' owner, the glass-plated building would contain some 110 condos, an underground garage, 12,000 square feet of retail and a large, open-air deck, according to the Herald's Donna Goodison. That Elkus Manfredi design, too, is supposed to evoke billowing sails (get it?), the Globe's Tim Logan reports. Everything's very preliminary now, of course, but the building would not be out of character for the Seaport, where new condos have done quite well as of late. Nor would its design be out of character for modern Boston.
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