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From Melting Snow to David Ortiz, the Top Stories of 2015

More people read Curbed Boston in 2015 than in any other year (and we thank you kindly). Some stories on the site were more read than others, however. And many of those stories were about Tom Brady, Gisele Bundchen and their real estate adventures around the region. So! To cull the top 10 most-read Curbed Boston articles of 2015, we dispensed with any about Tomsele (many of which dropped during previous years anyway) and instead went with those about other topics, all pecked out this year. Those topics turned out to range from apartment openings in Fenway to mega-listings in Brookline to new Beacon Hill condos to when the freakin' snow would finally melt.


10. Greater Boston's 2014 Neighborhood of the Year: Dorchester!
On Jan. 2, we announced the final results of the 2014 Curbed Cup to pick the Hub's best neighborhood. We will announce the 2015 results in about two weeks. Stay tuned.

9. Fenway's Van Ness Prepares for Its Opening, Target and All
The tower was one of the biggest apartment openings of the year. And it had a Target!

8. Inside Red Sox Legend David Ortiz's Boston Penthouse
Big Papi listed his Brighton penthouse toward the start of the year and the rest took care of itself.

7. Take a Peek Inside Boston's Legendary 'Skinny House'
Our February look inside Boston's legendary "Skinny House," built largely out of spite, was hard to resist.

6. When Will Boston's Mt. Neverest Finally Melt? Some Guesses
It was July. Snow from January and February was still melting. Enough said.

5. What It Looks Like to Live On a Private Beacon Hill Street
We all want to know what this is like.

4. The Five Boston Neighborhoods Everyone Should Be Watching
We're particularly proud of this one, a prescient piece on which neighborhoods in Boston were changing the fastest in 2015 and why. Thank you for caring as much.

3. The Biggest Greater Boston Apartment Openings in 2015
Everyone understandably wanted to know more about the big apartment towers opening in Boston in 2015. Housing is so hard to find. Bonus: Further coverage of these individual towers also drew a ton of eyeballs.

2. The Six Floor-Through Units of 25 Beacon Are Starting to Arrive
You could not get enough of our sweeping reveal in October of the converted floor-through condos at 25 Beacon Street in Beacon Hill.

1. What It Looks Like to Live Inside a $7.5M Brookline Mansion
An April deep-dive inside the $7,500,000 Brookline mansion at 75 Yarmouth Road apparently tickled your fancy quite a bit, for it was the No. 1 most-read, non-Tom-Brady article on Curbed Boston for the calendar year.
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