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Keytar Bear to the Zakim: 22 Gingerbread Sculptures of Boston

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Some things never lose their tasty appeal. Gingerbread is one of those things—especially when it's used for its very sturdy appeal as a structural ingredient. Every year, the Community Design Resource Center of Boston (CDRC), which works to open inexpensive access to professional design services to nonprofits, public agencies, and other community groups, hosts a charitable gingerbread fundraiser. The CDRC invites schools, individuals, and architecture firms to compete in a frenemy/friendly way to create gingerbread buildings that generate donations for this Greater Boston charitable fund. This year marks the fourth Annual Gingerbread House Competition, where 20 entries from various firms entered their memorialized-in-frosting Boston addresses. The competition raised a total of $18,335. And we have a winner. It was Finegold Alexander Architects, which created the future Lucas condo at 136 Shawmut Avenue and titled it "Wicked Sweet South End Living." It raised $4,110 from 66 contributions. Details such as working lights inside the glass interior behind the tower, a "Luxury Condos for Sale" sign, and an urban garden completed this lifelike cookie construction. Finegold Alexander even put together a time-lapse video that depicted the creation of it. Close-ups and that video below.

Congratulations to all, especially those who might eat the entries. And even though the auction is over, you can still see all 20 structures on display at the Boston Society of Architects at 290 Congress Street until Jan. 3.

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