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Surest Sign This Year That Somerville Is Changing Forever

It's time to make up a bunch of awards and hand them out to the good, the bad and the ugly in the Greater Boston real estate universe. Yep, it's the fifth annual Curbed Boston Awards, y'all!

The game-changing-est municipality in Greater Boston is surely Somerville, home of the Green Line extension, a rapidly expanding Assembly Row and a pace of gentrification that puts other cities to shame (or gives them reason to relax, depending on your perspective). Yet, if there was one sign in all of 2015 that augured of unstoppable change, it was the city's record-setting sales and the promise of fresh reigning champions in the new year. Remember when Somerville was the cheaper alternative to Cambridge?

The biggest deal of 'em all was for the 4-BR, 4.5-BA house at 32 Foskett Street near Davis Square. It dropped in March for $1,500,000 and closed in April for $1,725,000—a full $225K over its asking.

The 2,366-square-foot, 4-BR, 3.5-BA, townhouse-style condo at 29 Day Street, also in the Davis Square area, already held the record for priciest condo sold in the city when it hit the market in early April. That record was $1,200,000. So, once 29 Day was listed for $1,499,900, you kinda knew the hourglass had been turned over. It did not disappoint: The condo went for $1,504,900 at the end of July.

Aside from the bona-fide record-setters, possible usurpers also debuted in 2015, chief among them the 5,525-square-foot single-family at 137 Sycamore Street, with a three-car garage, cathedral ceilings and a price tag as of November of $2,395,000. It is almost guaranteed to belt 32 Foskett from its pedestal. (And it is not located in the Davis Square area, suggesting this surest sign of Somerville's change is not confined to that city's borderlands with Cambridge.)

There is also the 3,300-square-foot Queen Anne at 63 College Avenue in Davis Square's environs. That house (pictured above) is asking a potentially record-setting $1,690,000. Stay tuned, y'all.
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