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Cambridge Home Sales: the 10 Biggest of 2015

The year now ending was a blockbuster one for Cambridge in terms of top home sales. The ceiling among the city's priciest tickled $8,000,000, in fact, and even those on the cheaper side ran into the multiple millions. Like in Boston, however, these grand deals were confined to a small handful of specific areas, particularly Harvard Square and its environs. Unlike Boston, every single one of Cambridge's 10 priciest in 2015 were houses, with no condos making the cut. That cut starts with 17 Francis Avenue, a 5,743-square-foot Shingle-style spread near said square that traded for $2,800,000 a little more than three weeks ago. It had been listed for $2,925,000 in late September.


9. 20 Lowell Street
The 3,902-square-foot Mansard Victorian, near Harvard Square and dating from the 1860s, hit the market in early March for $2,950,000. It sold but two months later for $2,892,500.

8. 37 Irving Street
A Queen Anne in Harvard Square running to 4,678 square feet, this house dropped in mid-March for $2,865,000 and closed in early July for $2,900,000.

7. 10 Wyman Road
This 4,067-square-foot Colonial in West Cambridge went very quickly and for a lot over: Listed in May for $2,695,000, it closed for $3,025,000 at the end of June.

6. 22 Fayerweather Street
This Federal Revival in West Cambridge traded for $3,150,000 in February, or a full $575,000 off the original asking from early 2014.

5. 11 Francis Avenue
The 3,983-square-foot Colonial Revival off Harvard Square closed just before Christmas for $3,180,000. It had been listed for $3M even two months before.

4. 21 Follen Street
The 3,357-square-foot Harvard Square house with bones in the 1840s was listed in early May for $3,485,000 and sold in early November for $3,693,000.

3. 20 Traill Street
A new-construction, 5,733-square-foot Colonial in West Cambridge, it went for $3,900,000 in late March, or $300K off its asking price.

2. 23 Hawthorn Street
This nearly 130-year-old, 6,351-square-foot Queen Anne Shingle off Harvard Square hit the market in September for $5,500,000 and closed three months later for $1M off: $4,500,000.

1. 30 Gerrys Landing Road
The more than 13,000-square-foot Colonial mansion near Mount Auburn Cemetery dropped on the market in the spring asking $6,700,000. It went for $7,500,000 in July.
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