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Old Dot Home of JFK's Grandfather For Sale; Faster T Buses

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DORCHESTER—The one-time home of John "Honey Fitz" Fitzgerald, Boston mayor and maternal JFK grandfather, is on the market for $558,000: "And while the 6-BR, 2.5-BA home, located on Rundel Park in the Ashmont section of Dorchester, has seen a variety of Kennedy relatives come through its doors throughout the years, the prospective sale is bittersweet for current owner Jim Cramen, whose family moved into the 13-room home back in 1972." [Metro]
HUB-WIDE—Here's something that should speed up commute times at least a little bit: "a system that lets buses keep a traffic light green longer to get through an intersection, or get it to turn green earlier, shrinking how long is spent waiting at a red and the time commuters spend getting to work or back home." [Day]