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Somerville Home Sales: the 10 Biggest of 2015

'Twas quite the year in Somerville sales, with the rapidly changing city setting two major price records (for condos and for homes overall). The other salient feature of Somerville's uppermost end in 2015 was the speed at which these sales closed. Most of the 10 priciest homes went to contract in a matter of weeks, if not days, and closed within a few months of listing. Take the 10th-priciest, 39 Elmwood Street, a 2,641-square-foot, new-construction condo northwest of Davis Square. It hit the market in late March for $1,299,900 and closed in early May for $1,272,500.


9. 65 Dover Street
The 2,020-square-foot Mansard Victorian "in the midst of Davis Square and all its glory" (per the listing) dropped in late August for $1,175,000 and went in early October for $1,302,000.

8. 32 Appleton Street
A converted Davis Square grocery store, this 3,179-square-foot house went on sale for $1,050,000 in late April and closed exactly two months later for $1,310,000.

7. 11 Linden Avenue
The Isaac Story House dating from the 1850s (and obviously seriously renovated since) went on sale in October 2014 for $1,185,000 and closed in early April for $1,330,000. The 2,282-square-footer near Porter Square actually sold as a condo, given there are two other units carved out of a carriage house on the same property.

6. 8 Westwood Road
This Queen Anne beaut in Spring Hill came in at $1,398,000 in early June and closed in mid-September for $1,363,000. It features a whopping 15 stained-glass windows.

5. 12 Thorndike Street
The 2,965-square-foot, townhouse-style condo off Davis Square dropped in early April for $1,350,000 and closed a month later (yes, closed) for $1,380,000.

4. 7 Carver Street
This 3,500-square-foot, wood-heavy Contemporary sold right before Thanksgiving for $1,400,000, after being listed two months before for $1,365,000. Note: Seven Carver is not in the Davis Square area.

3. 29 Day Street
This townhouse-style puppy set Somerville's condo record. The 2,366-square-foot Colonial hit the market in early April for $1,499,900 and closed in late July for $1,504,900.

2. 74 Chandler Street
The 2,566-square-foot Victorian off Davis Square dropped toward the end of May for $1,499,000 and closed toward the end of June for $1,550,000.

1. 32 Foskett Street
The 3,320-square-foot Colonial near Davis Square went on the market in late March for $1,500,000 and closed in late April for $1,725,000. That total made the converted two-family the most expensive home sale in Somerville ever.
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